Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Kabuki RockStyle February '13

Hey gals,

Finally my semesterbreak began! (Which doesn't mean I'm going to relax.. my Japanese exam is at the end of the month!! Help.)
But we started it with a party in Essen at the 'Opium'.
That's the place where our favourite J-Rock and K-Pop party "Kabuki Rock Style" took place.

Shinpei, Aiji and me got ready at our place and when Rumi came in the evening we started drinking..
At 10PM we were in Essen.

Here's my FOTD.

Hair was much more poofy in rl...

New favourite pic! ^^

I used my new Princess Mimi Apple Green contacts from GEO. ^^
I already loved the Sesame Grey one's before. 

So we went by train, of course, trying to finish our alcohol. xD;

My beautiful darling and me. ♥

Shinpei and Rumi. ♥

In front of the club we met Lina and many of my university friends, soo great!
It was so much fun. :3'

Rumi, Lina and me. 


But then.. inside the club...
I had the worst.. breakdown because of Alcohol since.. 5 years? :'/
I'm still shocked because I don't know how that could happen - I hadn't drunk that much actually!
But Aiji went outside with me and a bit later I was kinda fine again.
Though... I don't remember like.. 60% of the party and what I did? lol
(Had no hang over the day after!) 

Anyways, here are some pics with a totally wasted me!

Shinpei, Melanie, Caro, Helena, Theresa and me. ♥

That's how I saw the club most of the time. lolol

Melanie and me. ^^

Wasted Shinpei and me. xDD

All in all I have to say that the party was.. okay. Far not the best. 
The club was small, dirty and dark. 
Also way too crowded and smelly and hot... D:
I'm a bit disappointed.. 


  1. 頑張ってください!

  2. war am we auch feiern :'D aber bei dir schien es sich um einiges mehr gelohnt zu haben...
    vielleicht hattest du zu wenig davor gegessen und dadurch hat der alk. so zugeschlagen, zumindest ist das bei mir immer so ^^"

    ps. schönes AMU