Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Carnival? More like.. Retro-Gyaru-Day.


These days, as you might know, is carnival here in Germany.
Most people do celebrate it with cheap costumes and lots of alcohol.
Aiji and me only take these days as an advantage to dress up and to not be insulted or stared at.. haha.

So yesterday we wanted to go partying at the 'Kultkeller' again like we did Halloween..
But anyways, we didn't make it. 
We just went to the city and ate something and headed back home then..
Well, whatever.. 

I'll start with my favourite pic of the day: Me with Muffin! ♥
I like it so much, thank you, Aiji!
(So at least the day was good for taking pictures... ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ )

As you can see, I dressed up in a Kogal-outfit! 
I wanted to try it for a reaaally long time now... And since Aiji and me found a cute matching skirt at Bullet Shop which was ripped and we got it for 3 euros, I could finally do it!
My darling repaired it for me. ♥

I made some pics myself using new apps I found recently..!
Aiji showed me someof them.

Taken from my Instagram and Codenote. 
And the one from before.. I know it is a bit pixeld!

And here are the ones taken with Aiji and Aiji's camera! 
(...Btw, I used my new pink lenses with the make up!)
(v ̄ω ̄(v ̄ω ̄(v ̄ω ̄)イエーイ♪


Because of my make up and my tights I look like I was tanned.. haha.
(I wish I was.)
I really like this style! What do you think? (?´・ω・`)
(I also tried some different make up with it.)

But now I'm gonna go back to studying...!



  1. Steht dir echt gut. Vor allem das Make-up! Denke mal ein bläulicher/ grünlicher Rock würde dir noch besser stehen.

  2. Oh my gosh *o* I really admire your look ♥♥♥
    Everything is just perfect :)
    I love Kogal <3 and you look so cute in that style
    Ahh sorry to be so fan-girly like but I really had to say that
    *_* I'd really like to try to do a similar make-up like you for once ....I've already seen your tutorial for it *-*
    I hope it will work for me as I don't draw on my eyebrows higher...sometimes I think it's complicated to make false lashes look good without eyebrows that are painted on a little bit higher >.<
    Well I'll see what will come out of it :D
    Have a nice day ~♥

  3. Es steht dir fantastisch.
    Ich mag vor allem das Make-up sehr!

  4. You are so cute! Your outfit was prefect too <3 <3

  5. Awwww wie süß du aussiehst :3
    Ich nutze Karneval wenn überhaupt dann auch nur um mich z.b. Yukata anzuziehen ohne beleidigt zu werden XD Aber es ist doch etwas zu kalt (.__.)
    Du bist auch bei Codenote? Ich würde michd a gerne anmelden aber irgendwie blick ich da nicht durch..kann es sein, dass man die Seite nur mit dem Smartphone nutzen kann?? (oo);

  6. Awww.. die rosa Collagejacke ist so toll! ♥
    Und dein Make up sieht verdammt geil aus ö.ö

  7. I like your kogal outfit a lot *^* so inspiring <3~

  8. Ich find das sieht mega gut aus und steht dir total *_*

  9. Dein Outfit ist so schön und süß! =] ich wünschte man könnte hier in Deutschland immer so rumlaufen ohne blöd angeschaut zu werden ^.^
    Liebe Grüße