Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Meeting a few members of "Velvet" :3

Hey gals!

A while ago Aiko asked me if Aiji and me would like to come to a meet-up of their gyaru-sa "Velvet" and because I love to meet new people who are into gyaru and stuff, we agreed ^^
So it was set for today, kinda unfortunately, because today had also been the demos against ACTA (don't know what it is? Click here! ) in Germany.. but it was too fucking cold anyway and  I've already signed every existing petition, so... x__x;

We met at the "Thier-Gallerie" in Dortmund.
I only knew Ari and Aiko - but everyone I got to know was soooooo nice ♥ *Q* Usually I'm very shy with people I don't know but it was totally okay with them. :3'
We drank some bubble tea and went (window) shopping.
But I didn't feel that good because I haden't taken my blood pressure pills.. so we went home again and didn't join the rest when they wanted to go to Jana's home for cooking pizza... D:

Maya in the train.

Yes, my new nails love my mouth.. lol

Aiko, Hans, Jana & her boyfriend

Aiko and me :3

Ari and me x3

Me. Had a bad hair day .O.

Aiji, Danny and me. ^^

Last night Aiji did my nails...
Because the old ones were like... shit now.
it's not that accurate as a pro's but it's damn good and I love them so much!! *_*

(The pic is a bit strange though xD; )

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  1. Sounds like much fun :)
    I wanted to go to those demos too... but I was so busy with school .__.'

    I'd wish I would look as gorgeous as you if I have a bad hair day... :o

    Anyway.... I always see you gals wear such nails... Isn't it a bit... impractical and/or dangerous? owo
    I'm clumsy enough without super long nails, eheh. xD'
    But I'm really interested in an answer: Are those nails easy to handle??

    Yuku. ♥