Montag, 20. Februar 2012


Hey gals!

So today it's "Rosenmontag". Carnival is really important here in Germany, usually.
The last years I really detested it, because everyone thinks of carnival when they see cosplays around here... and you get really tired of it, when everyone screams that after you, when you're on your way to a convention..

But this time we wanted to give it a try and "dress up".
Aaaand we decided to try... Manba! It was always fascinating us so today, at this grey and dull weather, we thought it might be a good idea.
And this is what came out..

Aiji and me >3

At McDonald's, readjusting make up...

Where the carnival took place, whole outfit!

...I have to say I come to like it.. LOL

Herp derp eye-make.

Aiji and me, with Baby in the background over our heads. xD

With Emma. ♥

The most awesome pic of Baby I ever took.

Fees like black gal porn... lol

When I uploaded the first pic to facebook, I see that there is as much as no understanding for people who dress like this in my environment.. which is kinda sad, because nearly everyone is a cosplayer, larper or something else.. and has no understanding for different styles?
I think this is kind of strange and also kind of sad. What about those people, who are not doing this only for fun and are rejected because they really like it? I was a little shocked..

Well, that's it for now. ^^ 


  1. aww~ es sieht so genial aus XD
    euch steht das irgendwie voll <3

  2. Ziemlich cool, vor allem für's erste Mal! Ich würde das niee so hinbekommen ^.^

  3. Ich bin auch grad nur beeindruckt, steht euch echt super :D:D:D Bekomm ein Grinsen gar nicht mehr von meinem Gesicht ♥

  4. Ihr seht echt toll aus! Habt ihr super hinbekommen. <3 Und es steht euch auch noch super gut.

  5. Ich find den Style nunmal nicht schön : o Genauso wie ich den quietschbunten GangstahaaaHopper-Style nicht schön finde. Das heißt nicht, dass ich mich von ner Person entfernen würde, weil sie so rumläuft. Es ist aaaaalles Geschmackssache, Geschmäcker sind bekanntermaßen verschieden, so wie Menschen verschieden sind und deswegen würd ich das nicht so eng sehen^.^
    Hässlich wirds doch nur, wenn jemand der Meinung ist, die niedermachen zu müssen, die dem Style folgen~

  6. As I already told in Aijis blog: I'm amazed because it's the first time I kinda like that style.
    You looked really good in it.

    I personally wouldn't wear it but I think it's - you used that word already - sad if people get rejected because of other's ignorance or/and lack of tolerance.
    "Each must live as he sees fit."

    Yuku. ♡

  7. I love your blog. I'm glad that i found it~ (: