Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

The MAD Maya & new cardigan//self bronzer

Hey gals'n boys! :3~

Today is the first day I'm back to my home, back to Aiji. ♥ I missed her so much in only one week! ;A;
We planned to go to Düsseldorf today.. but we overslept and then we haven't had time anymore.
So we just went to the city centre and I finally got my beloved cardigan from H&M, because I still a had a gift voucher left from my birthday.
And so my dolling-up wasn't for nothing we took a few photos, of course, lol.

As you can see, I tried a more rockish outfit today, with one of my favourite shirts. ^^ 
And also the beloved groucho necklace *O* 

So because I was bored as it took really long for Aiji to get ready... I tried something else. Hehe. 

I only added my MAD maya hat and red lipstick from Manhatten...
But it does pretty much to change that outfit, doesn't it?
I like it, maybe I'm gonna go out like that sometime too... 

So I couldn't decide which colour I should take, regarding the cardigan..
But I decided it should be white >3

It reminds a little of d.i.a., doesn't it? x3'
I'm really surprised because this is size M and it is really.. huge o.o I could have taken S I do see now.. but well. It's comfy like that!

The last weeks I though about getting myself some self bronzer.
I need to be (very) dark for my upcoming kuu cosplay.. but that would never be possible with tanning because my skin is too white.
So I decided to try out some self tanner from Garnier.
And from what I can see now on my skin, it will work pretty well!

But I'm still afraid of using it on my face.. lol Good thing is you can remove it quite easily if you use peeling when you take a shower. ^^ 

Aaaand I went to the dentist yesterday because my mouth hurts - one of my upper wisdom teeth is coming out! O:
The lower ones are already removed.. it was horrible x__x:
Buut the dentist said there's enough space for the upper wisdom teeth so they can stay! I'm soo happy about that you can't imagine that.
It hurts a little at the moment... but that will be over soon, hopefully. 


  1. sehr tolle bilder !
    vorallem die mit dem roten lippenstift ^^

    das "no regrets" oberteil hab ich auch ;D

  2. Awww... I was so moved when I read your reply on my last comment...
    I squeaked and almost woke up my little brother again (that's constantly happen to me! xD)
    I think you're a really lovely person too & I'd love to get comments on my entries. I'd love to know how you (and also Aiji) think of me since.. Contact with Aiji broke off some years ago just too fast and I couldn't tell why even though I know the reason (we never fought or anything...)

    Actually I wanted to comment on your other entry with your fashion/style changes as well...
    But somehow I haven't had the time today.. (;
    I hope I won't forget it tomorrow.

    So... I really liked your outfit but I think the one without red lipstick is nicer - I don't exactly like flashy lipsticks.
    Red is really... scary for me. o3o'

  3. Ich mag deinen Stil! Mal romantisch, mal mehr rockig usw, und alles steht dir immer sehr gut! LOVELY ^.^ LG