Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Style "Evolution" 2005-2012

Hey gals,

I found an interesting post on Yuki's Blog about how her looks evolved in the last years, so I decided to do such a post myself! :3
And gooosh, it's gonna be embarassing and painful! xDD
But I hope you'll find it as interesting as I found Yuki's poist.
Here we go:


The only photo I have, haha.
Me, when I was around 13. At school. 


From when I met to Hamburg with my mother to see the Dirty Dancing musical xD
Aww but I wish I had such thick hair again.. lol

From normal starting to be Goshikku or something.
(I wish I had that body again. lol)

In Austria with school! I'm so sexy lol.

Kind of a ultra fail haircut. I didn't like it afterwards. 


On "Japantag" 2007.
My very first Japan-day in Düsseldorf.. xD
I kind of tried to be Visual Kei or something..

In Freiburg, Summer 2007.

On one of my weekends together with my ex girlfriend Kai, which were very precious to me.
She took that photo ^^

And in November I got my first very short hair cut!
The red was amazing.

On christmas with my family.
You know.. I didn't think much about combining clothes xD;


Visual Kei, especially the GazettE began to strike in my life.. 

I don't what this was. ehem. lol

But sometimes my VK style got eventually better~
And also my hair became partially blonde..

With my ex boyfriend Reita~ ^^ Before the Dio concert in 2008.

First Ruki cosplay! Totally selfmade, I was so proud.

Aaaaand I tried to bleach my hair and dye it blonde!
But from darkbrown/black it took a long time, you see.

And look, who's that supposed to be?
LM.C came even more into my life than they did before. 
Around that time I also got best friends with Aiji. :3 


In this year, when I was about 17/18, my style developed fast and a lot I think.
I got more into Oshare Kei and became also even more interested in Lolita.

On a class trip. lol. sexy.

My outfit for the AnCafe gig 2009.

In summer, my first extensions!

But I also still loved VK.

But also Oshare Kei!

My hair got  much, much lighter.. and I cut off my eyebrows finally! yeah. 

I also liked host/gyaruo style already back then.


My maya haircut I got in the beginning of the year.

Still relying on Host-Ruki-whatever style. >3

And Oshare Kei got eeven more present..

In the middle of the year I achieved to dye my hair white/silver.
But muuuuuuch of it just broke ooff. o:
And even though I fucking loved this hair colour, I'd never do it again.

Harajukuday in cologne!


After Connichi I dyed the front pink and violet.

And I could wear black extensions with it, because my lower hair was black.
This is after I got my eyebrow piercing (which I had to remove later..) in London.

That year I did my first 'real' photoshooting. With Thomas.>3 

Aaaand -damdamdam! My very first Gyaru trial ever! |DD
The make up was so.. I dunno.. when I reflect on it now. lol 


This was the year when I developed my Gyaru style more and more, it took a long time..
And it's maybe the slowest process I ever had. ^^; 

January, trying out my Kabuki party outfit. 

And the way to Kabuki Rockstyle in Bochum.

Trying and trying with my short hair..

and the clothes I already owned.

But then I got into wigs..

And bought an onepiece and shoes from yumetenbo ^^

My make up was... variied but not thaat good stil.. lol

But I already owned circle lense from the beginning,
cos I liked them even before I loved the gal style. 

Me and Aiji on our way to Michaela's wedding. ^^
I wore kind of a 50's Style.

Styling for Kabuki in August.
(Recently posted at Gaijin Gyarus on facebook xD)

Aaaand the as-usual.Liz Lisa try.
I liked it but it isn't really my everyday style ^^

Got more into Agejo or something like that..

And the autumn shooting with Rito, finally able to style my extensions in a better way.


New year's sale in Shibuya, with my shorter set of extensions. :3'

Before Kabuki Rock Style this January!
With Diamond Lashes and awesome lashes from Daiso. 

The first time I tried out both sets of my extensions.

Nearly fully dressed in Ma*rs! Onepiece and coat. ♥

Most recent pic! With my d.i.a. sweater, both sets of extensions and selfmade nails by Aiji. 

I hope that i'll develop much further this year and hope to improve more and more! ^o^
Let's see what this year will bring. 


  1. Du hast dich ja auch extrem gewandelt über die Jahre! Sehr cool!!^^

    Ab 2008 kommst du mir auch tatsächlich bekannt vor D:

  2. haha, gut zu sehen, dass auch andere früher keinen wert auf die klamottenkombi gelegt haben xD
    mutig mutig :3

    und blond ist definitiv am besten x3

  3. Sau geil, und omg Oshare Kei war wirklich cool (vor allem das Takeru-haftige steht dir gut *_*)
    Aber gal ist total supi ♥ und ich bin happy dass du den style für dich entdeckt hast, mehr gute gals in dland! >D harhar
    und ja, diesder wandel vom jungenhaften ins mädchenhafte...ich kenns XD hat bei mir nun 2jahre gedauert~

  4. wow!! what a change!!
    you look so great with blonde hair! I thought it was your natural color <3

  5. WOW das ist echt mal ne coole Idee. Wenn man mal zurück schaut und sieht wie man sich verwandelt hat.
    Du bist echt sehr hübsch geworden in all den Jahren. BZW hübsch warste sicher immer aber du hast deinen Style gefunden der am besten zu dir passt. Bewundernswert.

  6. Mir kommen die Bilder ab 2010 bekannt vor XD
    Aber voll die krasse Wandlung, aber ich finde deine Fortschritte im Gal-Dasein nicht schleppend, hast dich doch sehr schnell entwickelt ö.ö also positiv xD

  7. Stop - halt nochmal zurück O_o
    du warst in Freiburg? :D ich komme aus Freiburg :D ... woher genau (also Stadt) kommst du denn? Wenn man fragen darf ^^
    Liebe Grüße
    Tamiko Hisao

  8. @Tami:

    Ich war da nur im Urlaub öfters, früher.. xD
    Eigentlich komm ich aus Dortmund, wohn aber jetzt in Duisburg. ^^

  9. das ist ne super Idee mit der style evolution ^o^
    ich finde sowas immer total interessant ...schon krass so über die Jahre
    ich glaub ich klau dir die Idee und poste sowas auch ^^°
    thanxx ~Lau

  10. Finally - I found time to comment on that interesting post!

    I was... amazed. I never expected your natural hair color was so dark.. °o°

    I was fascinated by the cosplay / takeru/visual kei/oshare kei inspired styles you had too.
    It all suited you so well. As if you always stood right behind the things you've done. I think that's admirable.

    I think you really, really looked beautiful with the short hair you had on the photos in 2011 (especially the 3rd one).

    And yeah... I think all in all it's obvious how good you feel with your change. Something like that is great.
    Also that you developed without losing yourself (:

    Guess I'll do such stuff too.
    Style-Evolution - hopefully it won't take too much time to collect the photos I'll need... o3o

    Yuku. ♥

  11. Manoo :D komm wieder mal nach Freiburg! ^^ xD

  12. Wow, das ist echt eine mega Veränderung, die du in den letzten Jahren gemacht hast. 0:
    Blond steht dir echt gut und der Gyaru-Stil sieht auch toll an dir aus.
    Wobei ich sagen muss, dass mir Visual Kei und Oshare an dir besser gefiel. Ich weiß nicht, irgendwie ... passte es besser zu dir. :3