Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Survived first Japanese exam // Rewarding shopping

Hey gals!

Today was my first Japanese exam at university - I was sooo damn afraid beforehand! O: 
But...everything went better than expected and I'm really positive right now! Yey. 
Now I have freetime until April, just gotta do some work sheets for a lecture, but that's not much I hope. 

After today's exam Aiji and me went a little shopping - she got money from her uncle for new clothes, which doesn't happen often so I was happy for her x3'
..But I also got some stuff.. eventhough I didn't want to spend any money - argh. 

It's been a bit since I fell in love with gina tricot and today I got my first awesome sweater!! *O* Love love love! 

Sweater, as said, from gina tricot
Necklace from Kera shop X maya
Shorts from Tobakko 
Garterbelt from Primark
Overknee socks from Primark
Overknee boots from Tally Weijl
...most of the stuff is new! ♥ 

I love most of the gina tricot style and prints so daaamn much! Wanna have all T-shirts and sweaters..
So afterwards we went to the new Primark with 6 Floors in Essen.
I was very tired at the time, but Aiji wanted to, so it was okay ^^
And I got some cheap stuff there too x3 

Some of them are beautiful, some aren't.. xD
But it was cheap so it was okay.

Reminds me a bit of ma*rs X REAL ma*rs ♥

Silver-black snake tighs 


And a cheap but great belt with golden studs **

thick overknee socks

and new cooomfy home slippers!

Which I use now.. 

At Tally Weijl in Düsseldorf they had my dream boots - reduced to 19 Euro!!
Omg, I was looking for such boots for a damn long time...
Overknee, leather, gold and flat heels ♥ 

Actually they are a bit large on my legs and they keep on slipping down them O.o
I have to adjust that a little.. 

Tomorrow we'll do some grocery shopping and afterwards we'll go visit Shinpei ^^
Gonna be a nice weekend.

...Here is a Hime-Platt for you! 

..I think he likes it! xD 


  1. schöner pulli hätte auch gerne so ein, mal gucken maybe hole ich irgendwann ein, steht dir gut ^_^

  2. oh gott total tolle sachen *_*
    gina tricot ist einfach liebe!

  3. ahh hast du dir die Schleife doch endlich gekauft XD?
    die Schuhohrringe sind voll cool **

  4. Congrats to your first survived exam on university...
    I'm getting nervous when I think about that I've all of that before me... Will start my studies in October... (If everything's working out well)

    Shopping is so much fun but always exhausting! It's always like that! xD

    You bought so many beautiful things.
    I already envied Aiji for her new gets... o:

    Another story:
    Who do you care about your extensions? And what kind of extensions do you have? Real hair...?
    I'd like to get me some too but I'm damn clueless=insecure when it comes to things like that... ;o;

    Yuku. ♥

  5. Gosh. I meant "HOW do you care about your extensions [...]"
    My English is crap when I write comments too late in the night... .__.'
    (creepy excuse - comment says it was already posted around 9pm) x:

  6. Danke für's Teilnehmen! ^^
    Kann deinen GFC Name nicht in meiner Liste finden. ^^''

  7. Umm...just asking why do you call youself Maya and Aiji?
    Make's you look like wannabes ._.

  8. LOOOL Are you kidding me? xDDD
    These are our nicknames. Seriously...
    We got them because we're both cosplaying and I don't see why such a name (Maya is in my opinion also normal girl's name :'D) should make us look like "wannabies" ^^ I think you're pretty lonesome with your opinion.

  9. Umm...just asking why do you post a comment if you got nothing to say anyway?
    Makes you look like a hater ._.

  10. Nyaaah.T___T But still...It's true.

    I'm sorry >__<

    ps.i'm not a hater,it's just my opinon.