Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Disbanding of RokkuStar

Hey gals, I have an announcement to make.

Because of various reasons I won't be hosting the Rokku Star gyaru-sa anymore.
I couldn't keep it active neither were most members motivated enough - and biggest problem: we live to far apart, don't know each other that good in most cases and some haven't even have contact when it didn't come to the circle.
That's not something I wanted to create and because I honestly don't have the strength or envy to keep it up, I've deleted it now.
I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted, but well. Please understand me.


  1. Well... I really liked your circle so it's sad to hear it's over...
    but I think if things are like that it's better to make a cut.
    I totally understand and respect your decision.
    I think you show more strength and courage saying clear that you don't want this to continue and admit that you don't see sense (or anything else) in it anymore... That's better than claiming everything would be OK.

    'guess that's everything I can say about that.
    But I feel like I should so I hope you are OK with that... :)

  2. Jaaaaah...
    Danke dass du es so verstehst! >w<
    Und dass du uns trotzdem gut fandest! ^3^ ♥
    Du bist ja so ein lieber Mensch, ich freu mich immer sooo über deine Kommentare! ** (Auch wenn ich manchmal vergesse zu antworten sorry. xD; )

    Morgen (bzw am Wochenende jetzt) werd ich aber noch was bekannt geben.. ^.~