Dienstag, 27. September 2011

What'd you do when you're sad? Shopping!

So today I went back to my mum's place until tomorrow, because I have some stuff to do.
And it seems like I really won't be able to attend university this year...
My dreams from over four years smashed.
Because of that I was so down, I cried all day. Still feelin' sick cos of that.
But as if my dad knew it he called and asked me wether I wanted to check out the new shopping mall here. Of course I said yes, and so we spend over four hours there, me getting somewhat happier.

I love the new shopping mall! >3<
There's everything you need in it :3'

Especially one accesory shop, run by a japanese really fashionable guy, called "39°C".
I bought a new purse and a necklace there.

That's the shop!

Even the plastic bag has a cute design!

And this is my new purse! *Q* 

It's glittering and shining in real life.

The inside has such a cute colour!

And a beautiful, but heavy necklace!

Look at the details! >3 

We also, for sure, went to check out the new primark and dad was so nice to buy me some thing. :3' 

Overknee socks.Cute ribbons!

grey knit overknee socks. (not that dark as in the pic)

New earrings in rock style for my four-hole-ear. (lol)

new hat with pearls. >3 

and rosy scarf with cute stars!! I love it so much.

I love knitted things and there's so much recently.
It is so comfy and fits perfectly. ^^

Brown knit tights! 

Some tights with floral print.

And last but not least some fluffy home wear shoes! ^3^

Afterwards we went to some cute little Thai restaurant to eat something!
It's pretty tiny but you think you're in Thailand on the inside!
I had green curry - and it was damn fucking hot. But also very delicious.

So yummy >3

The atmosphere was so nice!

Sorry, that there's no outfit-post for today. 
But because of the major crying I looked down and horrible all day.

Well, I'm pretty tired now. Such an exhausting day. Gonna go to bed soon.
Tomorrow there's much to do!


  1. Es tut mir leid, dass das so schlecht läuft für dich ;_; Naja, vielleicht erwächst sich aus dem Schlamassel ja etwas Gutes, vielleicht kannst du in der Zwischenzeit ein interessantes Praktikum oder sowas machen, irgendetwas, was dich weiterbringt, keine Ahnung~
    aber deine neuen Sachen..Sooooo hübsch *-* die Ohrringe will ich auch haben XD

    -Love, Lui

  2. man du tust mir echt leid es ist echt scheiße aber hey in der zwischen zeit kannst du bestimmt echt was cooles erleben wie lui es gesagt hat
    wow die socken gibt es hier in primark oh man wie toll und °39 hab ich glaub ich wohl sehr stark übersehen

  3. ah das kenn ich noch von vor zwei jahren ;_____;
    aber so unaufmunternd und doof das auch klingt: wenn sich eine tür schließt, öffnet sich eine neue v.v

  4. das tut mir echt leid für dich... :(
    aber lass den kopf nich hängen das wird alles schon wieder♥♥♥^-^
    ps: sag ma is das in dortmund?
    dann stimm ich dir zu yetz hat do alles was noch gefehlt hat :'D