Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

FINALLY! My extensions!! ♥

Today I could finally get my new extensions. I love them so much now!!
They're real human hair, exactly my colour and 70cm/24'' long. :3
It's the first time I've invested so much money in something like this. Usually they're about 120 euros, the set I have, but I got them for 80 because I waited so long for them, haha.

Today mirror says yes but camera says no, so here are just some pics so you get an idea about how they look like.

Flowers so you don't see our ugly, unready kitchen. XD

Here you can see how long they actually are! 

I still have to improve them a lot, cutting the sides at my face a little, etc.
And I need a curling iron now! I only have a straightener. 


  1. Great *_*!
    But really really long O_O I always tought my 60cm are long! XD
    Want more pics~

  2. I didn't expect them to be thaat long, but I love it |3

    Tomorrow we're gonna do a "real" shooting ^o^

  3. Aaaw~ total hübsch! x3 Steht dir echt gut!

  4. Schöne Bilder :)
    Dein Stil gefällt mir :D <3

  5. wow ich hätte nicht gedacht das dir die langen haare auch so gut stehen...
    deine kurzen haare erinnern mich immer an rie matsuoka und ich find die echt toll an