Sonntag, 4. September 2011

[Styling] Casual Saturday & a nice evening at Rumi's

Yesterday it suddenly got really really damn hot!
All my outfit-plans changed and I needed something which fit the weather change..
And because I didn't have spectacular clothes with me, it went out kinda casual.

Originally my hair had been much fluffier..

...but you couldn't see that on any photo ;A;

I got the new bag on the market in the morning, for 15 euros!

It's glittering so much in real life. :3

In the afternoon Aiji and me went to her mother's Schrebergarten where they had some BBQ, so we joined them for an hour. 

My plate (no meat for me this time xox)

And Aiji's plate!

Sammy brought some friends over who had two cute rabbits <3

Their fur felt so soft! x3 

I also got two new dresses at the markte in the morning. ^^

I love dresses with polka dots! x3

Much lace and a ribbon <3 

Later we went to Rumi's to have a small party with four people there.
It was really nice and I enjoyed it very much to chill and drink beer and have decent conversations.
Like to do that again some time soon. :3

And, Aiji and the straight straw! lol 

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