Freitag, 23. September 2011

Connichi, Part II: Sunday!

Sorry it took me that long - now onto the second part of the report! :3

Our day started.. damn early!
We got up at six and got ready so we could leave at half past eight.
And we couldn't dress more differently that time, haha.
Shinpei and Rumi cosplayed Vocaloid's Rin and Luka, I wore my new Dear Celine dress ♥ and Aiji.. just got ready. lol

When we arrived in Kassel again, Aiji got her cosplay from Kana, one really awesome and sexy cosplayer...!
It was Touhou Project's Komachi! (It's a really.. sexy ecchi game. lol)

                                                   So let me show you my sexy girlfriend.♥♥
Isn't it lovely?? 

I didn't like my look that much on that day...
I wanted to use my real hair because I thought I'd have my extensions by then.. but sadly I had to use the wig again! But I tried my new bottom lashes. ^^ 

Well, we had tickets for that day so we spent most of the time inside...
But there wasn't the promised Baby the Stars Shine Bright booth... I was really disappointed and sad.
Instead we got lots of Pierrot stuff really cheap!! *Q*
Two photobooks and a limited edtition album with DVD - including the men's only live from 2004 with all naked Aiji!! *__*
And a cute mameshiba toy. XD

Afterwards we went to McDonald's and then it was my turn to drive home.
A really nice weekend it was ♥ 


  1. Oh wegen dem Baby stand, da hab ich Infos!
    Das war eigentlich geplant, aber der deutsche Zoll hat es versaut weil die das nicht rechtzeitig abgefertigt haben.
    Nächstes jahr gibt es aber villeicht sogar eine baby modenschau und die wollen eventuell einen stand dann machen und alles besser planen! Aber bis jetzt alles mehr so gerüchte von den teaparty mädels xD

  2. @Yuki:
    Wuuhaaaa was?! O.O
    Das würd aber natürlich Sinn machen!
    ...Was ein Scheiß ey -w-"
    Naja.. hoffentlich wirds dann nächstes mal was ^^;