Freitag, 23. September 2011

[Stuff] Bottom lashes and new shoes!

So, to the next stuff >D

I tried a less lolita-ish make up for my new bottom lashes a few days ago! 

I think they look much better with a heavier make up! :3
(and I'm still waiting anxiously for my extensions ;O; )

And yesterday I also got some new "everyday" shoes, cos I needed some badly!
I was in love with fur-wedges for a long time, and now I have the perfect ones. *O* 

They make really thin legs! >D 

Next post is a biiiiiig announcenment!! Watch out those of you who haven't heard it yet!! :3'


  1. I like it a lot and have similiar shoes to yours *_*!

  2. ich mag die Lashes die sehen richtig gut an dir aus!
    hey jetzt weiß ich welche art schuhe ich mir holen kann!

  3. Deine Haare sehen nun echt tollig aus °___° Und die Lashes stehen dir auch richtig gut :3