Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Day in Düsseldorf and new "Nuts" mag

Yesterday Aiji, Rumi, Sammy and me went to Düsseldorf, just for fun.
Although it's already the end of september it was a pretty warm, even hot day! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

So my outfit for that day was kind of..short and not much layered:

Sorry for the low quality.. I always have to use my iphone.. m(.___.)m

I pretty much liked my make up and hair that day! :3
Eventhough I'm still waiting for my extensions..

About my hip... I really hate how the one side stands out that much... but that's because my back is kinda.. wonky. lol

In Düsseldorf we, as we nearly always do now, got us some bubble tea!
I had green apple with orange popping. They have jumbo-size now too! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

I also bought the newest (happie) "nuts" magazine there, they had a make up bag from lip service as a gift this issue! >3<

The design is quite nice! Although it smells of plastic...

A lot seems to fit into the inside. ^^

About this issue... there a lot of inspirational things inside!
It seems rokku is still and always a big issue, especially in autumn/winter.

I just looove this cardigan! :3
Looks fluffy and I love b/w and stripes.

Also denim is still a thing, but I like the use of it now much more than before!
Still looks kind of rock chick, doesn't it?

Also on the accessory site there were only rock-like things!
I mean, look at those boots.. XD

Also on here!
Oooh, I love Yui Minemura on the right soo much.. she is so gorgeus!

High-waist is another thing which is really big.
I want to try some high waist shorts/skirts myself...

Another thing I want to rant about are those stupid, nearly disgusting "oooh look how much weight we lost!"-sites in every damn magazine I've seen.

I mean, look at that! I don't think they look beautiful or nice or something.
I'm just really scared of those.. "legs"...and.. I know that especially japanese girls are not the curvy ones, but that's.. really enough for my taste.
They don't have any female feature on them anymore.
And with a height of 169cm I don't think it's healthy to have 35kg, even for a japanese woman.
I wish they'd just stop putting in such wrong "role models" in these awesome mags...

Well, that's it for now!


  1. lovelovelove your outfit!
    And I don't like that too..its disgusting :/

  2. thank yooouu! ^3^

    yeah >w<" I don't know how people could think that it's beautiful..

  3. Ich liebe die happy nuts auch total ♥
    Allerdings über die Models reg ich mich shcon seit Jahren auf... nur das wird sich wohl niemals ändern ._. traurigerweise...

  4. ich finde diese "models" auch immer voll schräg in den magazinen...aber du hast da einen kleinen fehler^^
    die frau mit 35 kilo ist nur 1,52 m und die mit 1.69 41 kg(sorry ich bin so ein klugscheißer) aber wie dem auch sei es ist einfach viel zu wenig >.>
    solange dieses schönheitsideal modern ist wird es wohl weiterhin traurige und unglückliche mädchen geben, die eine normale figur haben.
    Leider v,v