Dienstag, 30. August 2011

[Styling... kind of] Renovating our princess flat! ♥ Part II & Stuff

Yesterday we had to paint our walls once again, with the pink colour.
Now it looks awesome! :3'
All that is left are the black hearts on it.

Ignore the trash. XDD

Awesome colour, hun? 

Today I had to go back to my mum's place 'cos she came back from her holidays.
And she brought a lot of things for me with her! ♥

A cute tote bag!

Keychain from kimmidoll <33

And a big and really amazing victorian umbrella!! *Q* 

I'm already so in love with it! ♥

And last but not least this ubbercute turtle ring!
It sparkles so much! ♥


  1. eigentlich müsste ich meine Latzhose und meine Schuhe Fotografieren und sie hoch laden XDDD


    der Schirm **
    so toll <3<3