Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

[New] Dear Celine Floral OP

Maybe some of you remember the trouble I had of my Dear Celine dress not arriving on time for Connichi in mid-september. 
But, guess what, I got it today!! 
Well, that's pretty earlier, I'm so happy! 

That's pretty much the whole outfit. 

Detail, I love the buttons and the print.

Nice coloured ribbon at the back.

And a cute rose lace border! 

What I dislike is the fabric, it feels almost like 100% plastic and is all stretchy, though it is really well made. 

My cosplay for Connichi saturday also arrived last week, got it yesterday at the post station! 
I'll give you a small preview; everyone who knows the series will probaly know what it is then... 

I know the hype is pretty big by now... and usually I don't want to do things which are hyped like that.
But I just felt that I had to do this, so I won't care for once. :3


  1. Das Outfit ist ja süß! *_* <3 Und ich bineide dich um die Liz Lisa Tasche. XD

  2. total toll! Ich bin auch auf der Connichi, vll sieht man sich <3

  3. Oh jah, das wäre doch toll, wenn man sich da sehen würde mal! :3'