Samstag, 27. August 2011

[Styling... kind of] Renovating our princess flat! ♥ Part I

For more than two weeks now Aiji and me are re-newing our small, old flat where we'll be living together from October on.
(When I hopefully get my university permission.)
It's really, really strenous and exhausting and I can't wait until we're finally finished.. but still it's a long way to go it seems.
In the middle of that I got terribly sick and I'm still not healthy again so there'll only be photos from our flat in this (and maybe some other) post.
I hope you enjoy it anyway!

The living/bedroom before we started.

Not really our colour! O: 

And the fully packed second room. >D;

Getting rid of the wallpaper together with Aiji's little sister.

Nice, hun? lol

Old TV is old.

Finally finished with that!
Couldn't move the bed though.

To relax we went to a summer festival "Ruhrort in Flammen" last week!
It was really nice. Also with a fair. :3'

The beautiful sunset over the rhine.

Cheers! Krefelder with Cola.

And, the firworks were really beautiful.♥

 But this week we got back to work together with Shinpei, who's a master at making wallpapers and painting walls.

Unfortunately the light wasn't that good to take a proper photo.

I chose this wallpaper - I love country style so much.♥♥

Soooo princess-like!! ^////^

Gosh, we were all exhausted when we finished the wallpaper in the livingroom! 

The livingroom is now fully pink - only our "Punky Heart"-hearts are left.
Will take photos of that later on!

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