Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Shooting with Rito, Aiji & Shinpei ♥

Hey gals!
As I already told you, Rito, Aiji, Shinpei and me did a little shooting at the "Landschaftspark" here in Duisburg yesterday~
Although it became quite rainy in the end, it was so much fun again!

Because there's nothing to add, onto the photos!
(Some are taken by Rito but most are taken by Aiji with Ritos camera here.)

Flying dress~ xD; 

With my girl~ ♥

Taken from below, and I don't look fat! xD

One of my favourites. 

New blogger-pic x3


With Shinpei ♥ 

By artistic Rito. :3

As you can see I tried a little Garula/Bohemian inspired outfit..
Goosh, I love this kind of hair so much!
Also, because I like straight her very much recently.
What do you think? :3 


  1. Really, really nice photos.
    I wish I'd have people around me more often who are willing to do shoots like that.
    I would have so much better photos. xx

    Anyway: You look so pretty and I love your hair.
    The outfit really suits you well and so does that kinda 'gyaru'style.
    (I feel like I've no clue what I am actually talking about, but I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say... xD ) ♥

  2. Genial ♥ steht dir wirklich gut! und ich bin ganz verliebt in das letzte Foto, das ist mega schön *-*

  3. aww you are superr pretty!! I love your hair stylee!

  4. wow~ Liebe an diesen style! Sieht wahnsinnig gut an dir aus!!!
    Tolles Outfit, tolles hairstyling, schöne fotos! *o*
    perfekt XD

  5. Ich mag die Bilder. Einige haben eine echt tolle Stimmung und einige sind lustig XD

  6. Awww I wish I had gal-friends living nearby..!

    Congrats, I'm awarding you the Kreativ Blogger Award! :)

  7. Sehr schön :3 der Styl steht dir echt super

  8. Ist mir egal dass du schon über 200 Follower hast!


  9. Super schönes Styling! Und tolle Fotos! :D Sehr inspirierend! :)

  10. Woah ! I'm falling in love to your style. Bohémian - garula style is the best yeah ! My favourite is your blogger pix. Don't change !


  11. You're really cute! :)

  12. ich liebe die haare *.*
    Das sieht ganz toll aus! Selbst gestylt?

    liebste Grüße, Bia.