Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Recent Gets and Arrivals!

Hey gals!
As you might now I went to Düsseldorf with my mum on saturday~
It was a really nice time, we went to eat at restaurant Takumi and went shopping for a bit! :3

Here is the "special ramen" I ate: 

I could eat it everyday!! *___* So yummy! 

It felt so good, to do something with my mum after such a long time! >__<
We had lots of fun~ 
And here is what I got that day: 

Ma*rs style top from Osco! ♥ 

d.i.a. like skirt from H&M! So much love! 
But I chose the wrong size and so it's a little big on me >_<

zebra pants from H&M

And a GARULA like dress from Osco! *O*
I fell in love with it recently and now it was only 10 euro!!

Detail ♥

White maxi dress from H&M, also reminded me of GARULA...

And here's a pic of me wearing it in the dressing room ^-^
It will be soo awesome with the right styling!! 

We also went to the Japanese shops and their I got the newest issue of Ageha! 

A report about Himena becoming a mother - they're really fast with updates! o__o; 

There was so little Sakurina in it! T__T
But I love this outfit <3

Recently I also orderd new stuff on the internet, finally.
This month we have no conventions or concerts so I could do that. XD; 
The Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil I bought from Astralys arrived today! 

My last one lasted for nearly half a year.. and it's such a great colour as well! >3 

My LM.C Budokan DVD also arrived these days...
Haven't watched it in full yet, but the parts I saw gave me chills all over...
But I felt such great happiness having been able to be there! ♥ 

And recently I fell in love with metallic nail polish..
So I bought a silver one! :3
No.300 "Be My Millionaire" from Catrice.. I love it, it's such a "dark" silver! 

Don't give attention to the messy parts.. xD; 

Moreover university is again more than stressing me out... n___n;
I don't know why but I get home tired as hell and exhausted as hell everyday.. 
But I want to reach my goal so I'm trying to study hard!! 

Well, onto a boring and exhausting week! lol
On the weekend we'll meet up with Rito and Shinpei for a photo shooting! ♥
Be prepared~ 


  1. wie krass man so gyaru klamotten ndeutschland finden kan XD bin immer weider überraschrt

    bin mal auf das kleid gespannt *__*

  2. mal vom Frau zu Frau...wo finde ich "Osco"? :DD

  3. uuui bei euch gibt es osco auch °_° coole sache. ich dachte den gibts vorranig nur in berlin ^^" das "ma*rs" top hatte ich auch schon angehabt und war am überlegen es zu kaufen. hatte es mir aber dann doch geknickt.
    aber das kleid ist schick und stimmt es sieht echt ein bissel wie garula aus. *o*

  4. Hast du den Eyebrow Pencil schon ausprobeiert ?*Q* Wie ist der so ?