Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Convention: Dokomi 2012 in Düsseldorf

Hey gals!
Finally I got over my laziness today and that's why I'm gonna post my report about Dokomi 2012 now! :3

The convention took place at the Congress Center at Messe Düsseldorf the last weekend of May.
It was a damn hot weekend I have to say... and that's why it was really, really exhausting. n__n
But quite good anyways!

On saturday we arrived around 1 PM, Shinpei, Sammy and me, without Aiji, because she didn't get ready on time because of her circle lenses.. but she came about an hour later!
We had the problem that we hadn't got any tickets; except Sammy, Aiji's little sister, who's 11... well.
And when we arrived all the tickets were sold out! D8
Buuut because of a very friendly guy at the information desk we managed to get another weekend-ticket. ♥

Firstly we met Arina, one of our very cute circle members. ♥

Pic is kinda crappy, sorry.. xD:

And when Aiji arrived, we also met Angie, a great Aoi cosplayer from my university! :3

Angie and me~

Angie and Aiji~ 

As you can see, I wore my maya (Ah Hah!) cosplay again, to have some proper photos and stuff! ♥
It's always the best to cosplay together with my Aiji-chan...! 
And inside the hall many people asked us if they could take a photo, I was sooo happy!! >3< 
(Because that doesn't happen very often when you're cosplaying LM.C in Germany, haha..) 

But again... mostly all the visibly LM.C fans kind of... ignored us.
I don't get that... u___u; 

On that day we didn't do much except wandering around the halls and taking some photos; everyone was so lazy because of the heat! 

Us with extraordinary cute Babyshiba I bought at the con! *Q* 

With Sammy, Aiji's little sister.

And with Shinpei! 

Group pic, hehe!
As you can see, both Shinpei and Sammy cosplayed Vocaloid. 

Looking like the Babyshiba! >w<


Cute Ai-chan and the VIP-Shiba! ♥ 

After we came home around 9 PM we ate Soba *O* and went to bed very early~
Because on sunday we also had a convention day! 

It was the great opportunity to finally wear my Angelic Pretty "Dreamy Dollhouse" onepiece! ♥
I bought it at Closet Child in Ikebukuro last January~ 

Me with Masa-chan~ :3 

Takeru-face! o__o; 

I love my dress so much, it's really my dreamdress!! ♥
(Btw, I wore two petticoats under it.. >> I seriously need better ones!) 
And I love how sweet Lolita is such a contrast to my usual style~ :3' 

I also met Yuki-chan, a great Lolita friend I know from other conventions and stuff~ :3 

She was also wearing a very beautiful AP dress! ♥ 
..Moreover we met Sui, who also used to be in our gal circle, Aiji and me were in not so long ago! 

(Credit goes to Binh and Sui.. I hope it is okay I took the picture because we didn't make on ourselves! >_<)

Aiji wore one of my Yukata that day and it looked soo good on her. ♥
Shinpei cosplayed Komachi from Touhou Project (Aiji's cosplay xD). 

Aiji ♥

Shinpei~ :3 

Well, the day was a lot faster over than the other one..
And here is the group pic of the second day!

That's it about the Dokomi 2012.
Next is Japan-Day! 


  1. Dieser Schwung in Jijis Haaren auf dem 12. Bild flasht mich grad kaputt :'D ~ Sau cool! ♥

  2. Du hast supertoll ausgesehen!!
    Kann übrigens nur die Petticoats von Classical Puppets empfehlen :3

    1. Kann ich nur zurück geben. :'D ♥
      Oooh okeee ich gucke mal! Danke.

  3. So many super nice photos.
    And you looked so cool as LM.C - Jiji and you. *^*
    If I'd be there I'd asked you every time again I guess.. xD
    I love taking photos of good cosplayers ~ ♥

    Your Lolita dress is really beautiful... and you're right. Aiji suits your Yutaka really well :)

  4. ich hab euch gesehen am Sonntag, von weitem ^^°
    ihr saht toll aus *o*
    ihr seit die Wiese runter mit anderen Mädels und nem großen Reflektor... da wollte ich nicht stören....^^°
    ihr wärt sowieso verwirrt gewesen, wer da was von euch will...

    Auf alle Fälle tolle Cosplays und Outfits !!!

    Auf dem Japantag hab ich euch übrigends auch gesehen irgendwo oben auf der vollen Treppe laufend...
    voll informativ aber wollte ich mal erwähnt haben ^o^

    freu mich schon auf deinen Japantag-post ^o^
    bye <3

    1. Ooooh?? XD
      Ach wärste mal hergekommen! O:
      Wir hätten dich echt gern mal getroffen!

      Aaaaah dann warst du das also doch aufm Japantag! x___x
      Wir hatten dich von weitem gesehen, waren uns aber nicht sicher, ob du das bist. ^^;
      Und haben uns dann nicht getraut, einfach zu dir hinzugehen! Q_Q

  5. Das AP ist ja total süss :) Ich wünschte mann könnte mehr solche Kleider tragen, nicht nur an cons oder so. Mal im Büro haha das währ mal was.

  6. Dein Blog ist echt toll *_____________________* Hast jetzt auf jedenfall eine Leserin mehr <3

  7. Cute blog!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway!

  8. Mensch, war das echt so windig als wir das Foto gemacht haben? xD