Montag, 4. Juni 2012

LM.C STRONG POP -World Tour- Concerts in Berlin, Munich and Bochum

Hey gals!
I'm sorry I didn't post for nearly a month, aaaaaah. Dx
Now I have much to write about and lots of pics to show you!
I'm gonna write about the concerts, Dokomi and the Japan-Day the next days~ :3 So be prepared!

If you're a gal who has something against J-Rock, people who like or wear other styles than you and if you can't stand fangirling then don't read this post. I just don't want shit to happen again.
Thank you.

Today I'm gonna start with the LM.C concerts on 15th, 19th and 24th of May.
Again, this was one incredible time in my life. For sure.
I wish I'd have been to all european concerts like Melli, Kuchen, Beki, Sayu.. but well, whatever, haha.
That would have totally been too much money and no time!

Soo I'm starting off with the Berlin live!
On monday, the 14th Jijin (gonna call my cute Aiji like that from now on in this post, to avoid confusion with Aiji, LM.C's guitarist. XD) and me left Duisburg early in the morning and drove to Berlin... by regio trains! -o-
It took us fucking 8 hours to reach Berlin's mainstation.
There, in the evening, Ari got us and we went to her home together, where we could stay for two nights.♥
After we put our stuff into her flat on the 9th (!) floor of a very high building we went to the Columbia Club where LM.C would play the next day, to visit Kuchen and Melli for a moment, who slept in front of the hall.
And it was sooo awesome to see them again! ♥
I love my LM.C/MAD Family guys so much, nobody can imagine that.. >3

We went to bed quite early when we went back home to Ari's.
On the next day the poor girl had an exam, but we slept until eight, got up, got ready and went to the venue again~
Only about seven people where there when we arrive, we were nearly shocked. lol
But good for us! :3

And then... we just waited, had fun together, joked, everything was awesome and carefree as always..
When suddenly the big red tourbus arrived behind us! Everyone was immediately excited and hyper. We went to the gate of the parking lot behind the venue and watched them coming out of the bus.. like real fan girls. xD
Aiji was waving and smiling happily when he came out.. and like always it took maya an hour to come out, as the last one, and he seemed very lazy and confused, haha.

After that we went to Starbucks at Friedrichstraße together with a small group; even with Fia, a kind Swedish girl with an awesome style!

Fia signing our tour banner!

Kuchen/Cake, with her and my SDG hat. xDD

Decorate the duck!

Off to Starbucks...

At Starbucks!

Jijn, her coconut and my coconut frappuccino.

But I didn't like it very much... Dx

Beki with Sayu's awesome ukulele. xD:

And here are some outfit pics of me~
(No, I'm not wearing any gyaru kawaii whatever shit to a fucking J-ROCK concert, get the damn fuck over it. Nuff said.)

After that.... we just waited.
And when it was an hour before the doors would open the entrys got really crowded and we couldn't get through to our friends. x__x;
Luckily, Nora, the VIP-Ticket-Manager came out and got us VIP people to another door and gave us our VIP passes and stuff. That was really relieving.. I can't stand such stress.
We could enter twenty minutes earlier to everyone else so it was quite chilled... but I couldn't stand in front of Aiji, but somehow in front of Maya and not totally on the left side of the stage, so it was okay. ^^;
And gooosh I hate waiting inside concert halls...
But they started the live on time and it was just... an awesome exploding super duper mad party! *__* ♥
I am super bad at remembering setlists, so you won't get that here. xDD;
I just did my best, party-ed hard and were fucking exhausted after the concert.. I banged my head and danced at a concert as I never did before.
But one thing happend to me during The Love Song...
It had been the first song I heared after the new year's countdown when I was at Nagano Club Junkbox, at the Teamer live.. and it was that~ song Maya wrote to all their devoted fans and sang a capella at the Budokan live which gave me more than chills at that time.
So I sang and shouted along and.. couldn't keep my emotions neither could I keep from crying.. it was really intense. I felt happy, melancholic, hyper and sad at the same time..

Then everyone except the VIP people had to leave the hall..
And the left over 20 girls tried to fix their make up and hair in a hurry, it was so funny. xDD
Nora came into the hall again and talked to us.. asked questions, like, if it was our first LM.C concert (lol nope.) and who we do like more (Kuchen: That's not fair, you should like both equally!).
And then we had to sit down... and after a few more minutes the two most sexy men on earth came out to us. ♥
Maya seemed a bit shy at first but Aiji was just happy, thanked us for being an great audience.
Then Nora asked us again those questions she asked us before..
When she asked who had already seen them in Japan and I raised my hand maya stared at me.. suddenly, very, very intense. I just could do nothing but stare back and it gave me strange chills. x////x
I don't know what that was about... but lol.
After that we were allowed to ask them some questions!
It was quite funny. :3 There where the usual questions, like if they did seightseeing in Berlin and stuff.
But my girlfriend also asked maya which perfume he uses...and he honestly said he doesn't use one - but the man smells like straweberry like 20m from afar! XDDD; Wut the...

After the questions session we were allowed to take polaroids with them..
Oh my God. I never was so fucking nervous.
Finally I was standing in between them and all I could see, smell and feel was Aiji... x//////x;
(Sorry, my cute idol. xD)
His warm deep voice, his soft hands... I could die.
It was way too short I could have stood there for years! ;A;
But the polaroid went out quite nice~ :3

Huuunnnffff. ♥ ♥ 

The VIP Pass front, 

...and back. 

My new hoodie with an Aiji button. x3'

The next concert was in Munich on saturday, the 19th of May.
On friday we went to Munich - again by regio trains. This time it took damn 11 hours!
But the way was much..smoother and nicer, I think; dunno why.
Jennyfer, a very nice gal I only had seen once until then, got us from the train station in the evening and we went to her place, together with Doddo, a really nice friend of her, where we stayed overnight. ♥
It's so good to have friends nearly everywhere, haha!

Me with Jennyfer/Rin! :3
(Omg I look so faaaat... x__x; )

On the next day we got up pretty early, got ready and went to the Backstage at Hirschgarten.
The same day the Champion's League Final Bayern München VS. Chelsea was held... and everything was full of stupid and unpolite soccer fans.. =__=; It was more than annoying.
Also because of that the scheduled start of the live was now early! Aiji posted a really annoyed blog post on ameba, I hadn't seen him that angry so far. xD;

My outfit for that day: 

A little Mad Maya inspired~

This time we stayed at the venue. I only went with Melli to the mainstation once, to get a nice friend of hers.
When we were gone some drama happened between those european-mad-family-people but well.. everything was solved in the end. ^^

When the tourbus arrived eveeeeryoone ran after it.. it was quite embarassing, a bit. .___.
At the backentrance the staff even had to tell some fangirlies to stand back so that they could leave the bus.. such an embarassing thing never happened before!! >__<;
But well...

Kuchen and Beki~ xD

Cute Jijn with the banner, her duty.

Jennyfer signing the banner on Doddo! xD

It was damn hot that day, the sun was literally burning..
And there was nearly no shadow.. D8
I finished my letters for maya and Aiji and then it was suddenly time to enter the pre-hall (xD)!
There we waited for another hour...bleeeh.. but then Nora came out and gave us our VIP passes again, and this time I could enter the hall as the fourth person, yeey!
And so I stood directly in front of Aiji's mic stand. ♥
I also met one of my blogreaders - she suddenly said that she always reads my blog and likes it and asgdf I was soooo soooo happy! Q___Q <3 But I don't know her name, sooorry to you, aaah. Dx

The venue was so unbelievabley hoooot...! x___x;
Exactly like the last time~
But the waiting time was okay... then it started, we had a "very cool" security man in front of us and the stage      with whom maya joked around all the time because he was soo coool. LOLOLOL xD
The super duper mad party was more than intense again! °^°

After the concert my hairstyle was all gone - but my make up was luckily still there. Piuuh.
We were brought to the catering area (haha 8D) after the concert where we waited for LM.C again...
It was a very small room and when those two entered everything smelled like Aiji because he seemed to use even more perfume than in Berlin.. but well I didn't mind. xD;
The questions where pretty funny this time.
They where asked which animals they wanted to be but they replyed what we thought of them... Kuchen said that Aiji looks like a turtle in German - and she sat directly infront of him. EHEM.
Aiji looked confused at her but luckily nobody translated that. >DD;
When we should ask the last question suddenly Aiji himself raised his hand and said in his veeery cuuute English "I have a question!" very excitedly. ;A; ♥
And then he asked us if we liked soccer because he liked it very much and which team would win this evening.. everyone shouted Chelsea (lol) and Aiji agreed.
Beki: "Does he even know that he's in Munich, Bavaria?"

This time I gave them my letters when it was my turn to do the polaroid.
I made a very, very strange noise when I gave the one to maya and he imitated me and laughed! >__< Mean boy! xD;
Then... I again stood inbetween them. Very, very closely.. my heart nearly exploded.
I didn't know where to put my left hand but then... Aiji grabbed my waist and pulled me tightly to his side!!!11!!! Q//////Q x////x I eventually died and my ovaries exploded.
Leaning on him we took the polaroid... and OMG, MY FACE! XD; Gotta cover it. Aiji makes me all stupid. Ahaha.

Oooh soo close to the sexiest man alive...! ♥

The last concert of the European part of the world tour had been Bochum, only half an hour from our home!
Quite a good thing.
And it was on thursday, May the 24th at Zeche, Bochum. 
Early in the morning we took Maatan and went to the venue with her - this time Jijn and me were wearing our shortly before finished Ah Hah! cosplays. I was/am so proud of it. x3' 
Arriving at the venue, there where already nearly twenty people, wow. But no problem.
We had to wait a little for Melli, Kuchen, Beki and Sayu to return from the shower, but we were happy to see them again and asked them every little detail about the shows in France. :3

Suddenly, when I peeked around the corner of where we sat - there was it, the redcar tourbus! I was so surprised, I stumbled backwards. lol.

(Messy wig on that pic, sorry~)

That was a very unusual place for the tourbus, because usually it stops at the backentrance.. Oo
Well whatever, from very near we watched Aiji and support members enter. ^^
But maya was thrown out at the backentrance after that... weird man. XD;

We used the waiting time to take some photos~ 


Jijn and the banner again..

Beki and some people. xD

Only two nice shots of me that day.. >w<

(But my hip... gaaaah. xX)

The ones who drove after them nearly the whole European gave a gift to all the staff members of LM.C here! :3

Getting our VIP tickets and entering was really, really nice and calm that day!
I was very.. amazed.
The only ones doing some pushing were - two small Japanese girls! What the...?! XD
But, whatever.
Before we could enter the venue the nice security told us a weird story of some girls wearing diapers on the last J-Rock concert they held there to stay in the front row... seriously, what even...?!

Inside the venue I again stood in front of Aiji's mic stand, sooo happy! ♥ 
We sat down infront of the barricade so we could save some space for later.. which we really needed. 

The stage; I were allowed to take it. ;3

When everyone else entered the venue it got really pushy and hot and bleeeh...
So we stayed on the floor nearly until the concert began. It also saved energy and that was good!
Even before the live started a dutch girl nearly passed out and had to be taken out. Xx;
....And when it began, the people pushed like there was no tomorrow. I thought I'd die. Seriously.
All the other concerts had been hot and messy, but this one was just brutal and stuff.
I had a girl pressed into my back all the time and I could barely breathe..

Nevertheless it was the best concert of the three I saw this time!! *^*
The atmosphere was amazing, it was like the best party I had ever been to, haha.
LM.C gave their best, we gave our best.
I sang along with Aiji so many times, he smiled at me, we banged our heads in time...
LM.C and their fans, we were one. ♥
Fortunately we got a lot of water to drink from the security guys, that saved me I guess. 
I was drinking and dancing at the same time during Super Duper Galaxy and Aiji laughed at that. XD; 

And there was a very moving moment.
Before the concert Melli and Beki had given 60 small plush hearts to people in front of the venue.
And then, during The Love Song, at one part everyone, really everyone throw the hearts on stage (trying not to hit Aiji and his guitar, so everything hit maya, haha. XD).
You could see how surprised and overwhelmed everyone on stage was and so they played with even more energy and power!
(Afterwards Aiji wrote a blog how thankful he was and that they'd keep every single heart.)
Such a freaking special song. ♥ 

Aaaand theeen, after the encore, when they thanked everyone, Aiji threw his plecs again... and finally, goddamn finally, I caught one after my 9th LM.C concert! *__* And it's goold! Weeeeeeh~ 
...When they left the stage for the last time everyone of Jijn's, Maatan's and my friends broke into tears... last time the same happened to Maatan and me. :<
We tried to comfort them, the meeting with the two was still a head!

This time, the last time, we had to wait for quite a long time...
Everyone was calm, quite, sad or excited.
When they both came to us everyone was still like that.. so they worried and asked us what was going on!
But they understood our reasons.

The questions were more intense and personal this time. 
Someone asked what they would be doing now if they hadn't met each other.
And both said they'd most likely quit music until now...
Maatan asked what they'd do if they were sometime to end their career as LM.C.
Aiji said that he'd work with younger bands as their producer and coach (totally like him), but maya said that he'd move back to Nagano to live on his own with his memories.. awwwn. ;w;

But I asked what they'd be doing if they were the other one for one day. xD:
Aiji simply said he didn't want to be maya. LOL
And maya.. well, he said that he'd do much illegal things, breaking laws and stuff... meeean boy!!

This last time Jijn and me took polaroids together with the two. ♥
And eventhough I wore my maya cosplay Aiji still grabbed me tightly like in Munich! Q///Q
...Then my polaroid turned out nice but Jijn's was all black so we could retake it... and Aiji could grab me again! HAH! xD Soooo happy~

The plec and the polaroid. ♥
(I look a bit strange, but well.. xDD)

We left the hall and the two very slowly... it was so sad.
In front of the Zeche we waited for Melli, Kuchen, Beki and everyone else...
When they came out the had their autographs on their bodies next to their LM.C tattoos.. the next day everyone got it immediately tattooed. Sooo jealous, girls! D:

The atmosphere after the concert was more than strange..
It felt like history in our lives was written again, everyone was sad but also happy and fulfilled at the same time. We, a group of nearly fifteen people, were still overexcited but calm at the same time.
We didn't know what to do neither how to express our feelings...
In that moment, at that place a new idea and era was born, all of a sudden:

We found the 1st German LM.C Streetteam!

And guess what; Nora wants to help us and corporate with us!!
I think this will be one awesome thing. :33'

...We waited for the band to come out afterwards.
It was dark, got a bit cool but it was a great atmosphere eventhough I was very exhausted.
But.. they didn't come out; they stayed at the venue, ate and partyed hard until 4 am.
A time, where Maatan, Jijn and me had already left because I had uni the next day.

Well, it really was one awesome era in my life again.
I want to thank LM.C so much for what they always do for me, what beautiful friends they have given me and also the love of my life. ♥


  1. Das Polaroid aus Bochum sieht so Hammer aus! :D
    und schade, dass ihr nicht dableiben konntet bis sie rausgekommen sind... ><''

  2. Wie Maya einfach mal auf jedem Polaroid die selbe Pose macht xD

  3. Such a deep, moving post. *sob* ♥
    It's simply amazing how I could understood and kinda comprehense the feelings and impressions you told of.
    The atmosphere at the venue and the backstage scenes.
    Sounds all a little dreamy but emotional. I really, really like that entry.
    'guess it's one of the best ones I ever read.
    Thanks for sharing. ♥

  4. Irgendwie hab ich drama verpasst D:
    Aber schaut aus als hättest du eine tolle Zeit gehabt!
    Und ich finde deinen Style dafür auch sehr cool :3

  5. aww toll das du so viel spaß hattest ...
    freut mich für dich <3

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  7. Wie du schläfst nicht in deinem Gyalzeug? Sag doch was nicht :o

    Du hast mich so neidisch gemacht, ich will meine Lieblingsband jetzt auch wieder sehen. *drop*
    Aber ich konnte jeden deiner Sätze soo gut nachvollziehen (*_*) Freut mich dass ihr Spaß hattet! :) ♥

    (Aber die Secs im Backstage sind zu mir bswp. immer freundlich. Da hat's total den Netten, der mir mal ein Plektrum geschenkt hat, weil ich nach dem Konzert zusammengeklappt bin :P)

    und ich mag das erste Foto von dir mit der Perücke sehr :) Das ist niedlich!

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    und ich finde das du auf den berlin fotos auch noch nach gal aussiehst... mode ist nur ein teil und grade dein make up und deine haare sehen sehr danach aus.
    ich würde mir auch nicht einreden lassen das man nicht beides seien darf -.-

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    Bwwwwah - Ich bereue es so, dass ich in München so schnell vom Meet&Greet weg bin QAQ Ich wäre auch so gerne länger drin geblieben. Aber das war so ne Mischung aus -Mir ist schlecht-Ich will nicht vor maya und Aiji heulen-Boah, ich will jetzt dieses Foto- D: xD Und als ich mich noch mal umdrehen wollte wurde ich rausgeschoben QAQ ~ Nächstes Mal bleib ich auch länger drin bei euch e,e Egal ob ich dann vor allen zusammenbrech xDDD

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