Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Japantag /Japan-Day /日本デー 2012

Hey gals!
Here's my long-awaited post about the "Japantag" this year in Düsseldorf!
It was nothing special, besides being hot and sunny, except that we had a small Gal meetup and I got to know many new gals and finally saw some in real, Kitai for example! ♥

And here are the pics!

(The following three are made by Ari Zilla!)

My style for that day. :3

Aiji, me and Shinpei at the trainstation! ♥ 

In the train with Ari ♥ 

Aiji's awesome hime nails!! >3< 

My nails~ All pink, black, rosy and gold! 

I already lost a half one! >_< 

Shinpei, Ari and Aiji! ♥ 

My outfit, photo taken by Kei! 

My face... D: xD; 

It was so sunny I couldn't keep my eyes open properly! 

We also met most of the members of our new gyaru-sa, Brilliant Gals!
(Aiji created it, I just followed in.. xD)
Such lovely and calm gals! 

Arina, Laura, Shinpei, Aiji and me! 

And here's also Riina on it! :3 

Then we had the meet up at 7 PM, we couldn't stay long but it was great anyways!
Just some group pics.. 

There are no pics were we all~ look good.. xDD; 

And last but not least, here's a pic of Kitai and me~ :3 

After the meet we just went to get something to eat and then went home! n___n;
I don't know, Japandays aren't what they used to be for me anymore.. 


  1. wie hübsch dein outfit war..ganz toll gemacht <3

  2. Du sahst soo schön aus! :D & Jiji auch!
    Bin froh dass du/ihr so einen netten Tag hattet und viele nette Menschen getroffen habt... (:

  3. Toller Kimono, steht dir! :)
    Jetzt würd mich aber doch noch interessieren, wie Japantage bei dir sonst abgelaufen sind, wenn es nicht mehr dasselbe war? (war leider noch nie dirt gewesen ^^)

    1. Danke ^^
      ..Naja ich weiß nicht direkt..
      Wir hatten einfach an sich mehr Spaß. Mehr nette Leute getroffen, mehr Fotos gemacht, alle.. xx
      Ich kann es nicht direkt erklären, aber es war einfach so vom drumherum schöner für mich bisher.