Montag, 23. Juli 2012

Weekend with Yuku & Dojaku-Banba

Hey gals!
So while I'm taking a break I thought I'd do a post about my weekend.
It was an awesome weekend, because Yuku came to visit us from friday to sunday! ^_^
She arrived here in Duisburg on friday afternoon and left sunday morning (Shinpei was here since thursday evening).
So on friday we did nothing special but watching LM.C DVDs and playing Playstation.
On saturday we went to Düsseldorf to show her the Japanese shops and everything and went for some bubble tea!

Shinpei, me and Yuku (with eyes closed xD)

Aiji, Shinpei and Yuku! 

My soba! *O*

Like a catwalk.. xDD 

Great mirror, yeah!

Me and Shinpei.

Beautiful yuku <3
She's not fully into Gyaru yet, but she likes it!
That day I did her make up~

Me (lol) and yuku.

Like a fashion picture~ xD

Yuku and me. Stalker pic by Aiji

At the bubble tea store!


Thaarrr, thaarrr me so beautiful!

OMG, how can I even look like this? 8D

Same girugämesh jackets! 

Aiji and me on the train ♥

The day was really great and so funny!
Sadly Yuku lives near Berlin, a little far! D: 

On sunday she went back home and we: Aiji, Shinpei, Sammy and me went to a small convention in Dortmund, called Dojaku!
The three us except Sammy (who's just 11 xD; ) dressed as Manba!
Okay, I tried kind of a Banba-Style. Just for fun! 



Yeah, taken from below and I don't look fat! 8D

Again! lol 

Cute Sammy in my Pikachu cosplay again <3

Shinpei - she didn't like it very much but we thought it was cool on her!


OMG I looked so manly with that eyebrows...

Aijiii ♥

Well, that's it for now.
I'm going to continue learning and mid-week I'll be going to my mum's place. 
See you! 


  1. Just looked through the photos recently and I think I'll use some of the ones you've posted already in my post later too :D
    It really was sooo fun! Thanks that I could come for a visit! <3

    Anything else I wanted to say?
    Right! Though Shinpei didn't like Manba on her she looked sooo good in it, didn't she? owo ~ ♥

  2. boah ohne Spaß Maya du wirst i.wie immer hübscher xD

  3. whaaa cool :D
    Mir macht Manba/Banba zwar immer ein bisschen Angst aber bei euch siehts wenigstens gut aus, nich so wannabe^^
    Sieht nach viel spaß aus*-* Ich hätte auch wiedr Lusta uf BT aber muss lernen :(

  4. I really think that your beauty is very unique. You really are absolutely stunning. And you guys are a really cute couple! n___n I enjoy your blog a lot. C:

    1. wooohaa thank you so much!! *___*
      that means a lot to me!! ♥♥

  5. Ich find die Augenbrauen so eher besser, als zu männlich xD''
    Das Manba/Banba Ding steht dir aber echt voll gut ^^

  6. love your outfit!its soo cute! ^^