Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

University Party & Cinema

Hey gals!
Finally I have holidays! Yaaaay!
Now it's time to study a lot.. and I'm already at it. Motivation is high. xD

On friday we had a small semesterend party at my Japanese institute at university and it was really nice!
We watched a performance of Umezaki-san's theatre group, a choir group and a hilarious performance by three of our Japanese teachers.
Afterwards we drank some sangria and talked a lot, I also got to know a nice girl from our seniors, who said, that sometimes she'd read my blog! ** Thank you again!

First some outfit and make up pics:

Never went to uni that "sexy" and all dolled up before! lol 

..but everyone seemed to like it! *O*

loool, what is that with my eyebrow? XDD

My eye-make~ 
New top lashes from Diamond Lash (Glamorous Eye)
and bottom lashes also from Diamond Lash (Princess Eye) 

I went to uni in the evening together with Steffi and Melanie!
Here they are:

lol at Melanie's face. >D;

Lina and me. x3 ♥

The theatre group.


..unofficially it was a farewell party for our two cute Japanese trainees, Manami and Tomomi!
They cried a lot! Q_Q;

Japanese teacher's performance. XD; 

After those performances we went to the entrance hall and talked and drank! >3

Sekkushi people! 83
(omg, my chin.. XD)

Linaaa~ <3

Sexy Steffi. 8D



With Theresa! ♥
I look so giant and fat next to her! x__x; 

And a last pic with Lina, Leonie, Tomomi and Manami! >3<
I'll miss them. ;3; 

I went home with Leonie and her boyfriend pretty early, around ten, because the trams from university only go once an hour in the evening.. which sucks pretty much.
Aiji got me at the trainstation and bought a Starbucks frappucino for me!! *Q* ♥

Yesterday then we went to the cinema in Unna together with Shinpei~
We were going to watch "The Amazing Spiderman" and it was pretty good!
I was really surprised! It was actually the first 3D movie I enjoyed.
I love Spiderman so I was a bit unsure about what to think about the new actor and stuff, but I like him.

It was international Manba day yesterday and of course Aiji wanted to participate! XD; 

Yeah, special effects! 

My baby and me. x3 ♥ 
(Today it's 2 years and 4 months!!) 

That's it for now.
Gotta study! °^°


  1. awww schöner Post^^ Der Abend war echt witzig und du sahst sooo cool aus *-* voll sexy gyaru *v*
    Ich hab glaub ich nich den Mut sowas anzuziehen*v* voll toll<3

  2. Du siehst sooo toll aus *O* <3 Das steht Dir richtig gut!
    Der Abend muss ja echt lustig gewesen sein ;0;

  3. It sounds like a nice evening and a great day in cinema!
    I can't help but thinking back school parties always seem more stressful than enjoyable to me... Well. OK, when we just had a small party with our class or grade it was different and really nice but I think we did that just... two times?
    I really like your outfit, btw. ★