Montag, 16. Juli 2012

[Product Review] Geo Xtra Mist Series Blue Lenses from UNIQSO

Hey gals!
Finally today my sponsored lenses from UNIQSO arrived!!
They shipped them on the 2nd of July with normal registered airmail and it took them exactly two weeks to arrive.
That is pretty good, because they expect the lenses to arrive within 14 to 20 days and the shipping like that is only 5$. (Of course you could also choose faster shipping with FedEx.)

UNIQSO was former unknown to me, Aiji showed me them.
But they seem to have a large number of buyers already, which I fully understand, as for they are friendly and fast in replying and handling your orders.
They also a have a huuuge amount of lenses and other make up products to choose from.
Something I think is really great and should be offered more often is that you can search lenses by water content or diameter!

Early this morning I unwrapped the small, handy package and this it what showed up:

A practical lensecase and a cute box in which were the lenses. 

Cute bears!

Especially made for the shop, cool. 

Securely wrapped cans. 

This is how the cans look like. More cool than cute. 

Authentical GEO lenses!

The lense inside the can.. I chose it for it's amazing structure. 

I was so excited when I opened the package, that I immediately had to dress up and try them on!
First of all I can say that I'm really happy with what I chose, details coming now.. 

At first I put them in without any make up.
That's always better so your eyes don't get irritated! 

One in with no make. They are pretty big for 15mm, duh! 

Both in - alien baby. xD;

My eyes were irritated in the morning, but nevertheless I had no problems putting them in.
It went fell with the first try. 

Natural light with make up.

Flash with make up. 

I chose a blue-ish eye make up for those beautiful blue lenses! 
With much glitter and pretty heavy. 
My eyes didn't hurt when sometimes make up touched it unfortunately, pretty good! 

Now some whole styling pics. 

Lazy outfit. 

..and Baby was like "MEEEOOOW! D8"

Overall I'm really, really content with the lenses and also with UNIQSO! ♥ 
Here is a compact review about these Geo Xtra lenses:


Oh my god, I looked like an alien without make up!
So you can say the enlargement is huge. 

11/10 (xD) 


I loved the structure/design from the start.
But in the end I didn't expect them to be that dark blue on my natural light eyes.
So I guess it might be a bit disappointing for people with dark/brown eyes.



They went in very quickly and I don't feel them on my eyes.
But my eyes tend to be a bit dry while wearing them.



It'd totally recommend the Mist Series by Geo Xtra!
I love the still kind of natural design and colour.
And they are comfy, great for people who want a huuge enlargement.


....Last but not least: You can enter the code LFE10 for getting 10% off when you purchase at UNIQSO!
Without being creepy, I highly recommend them, as for they are fast and friendly! :3' 


  1. wow, sehen super aus! <3
    aber ohne witz, alien of doom haha

    ich warte ja noch auf meine von mukuchu~ die lassen sich viel zu lange zeit eh ;;

  2. They really look nice! ★
    I like their color and pattern and they are super large. I'd be afraid they won't fit my eyes.. D:
    But so pretty! .3.
    And it's nice to get sponsored lenses... ;)

  3. wow die Linsen sind ja groß und hübsch*-* stehen dir sehr gut :3
    Ich bestell bald auch wieder welche glaub ich..nachdem mir meine ersten in den Abfluss gefallen sind-.- aaargh XD
    Danke für dein Kommi^^ Ich glaub aber, ich bin nicht so sehr Typ für krassere Wimpern, solche wie du hast zum Beispiel, dafür muss man ja auch stärkeres Make-up tragen und das trag ich ja eigentlich nie :( Früher hatte ich mal so welche aber an mir sieht das irgendwie komisch aus^^;
    soll jetzt abr nicht heißen dass die Wimpern hässlich sind ne<3 Ich mag die total an dir, passen halt zu deinem gyaru-style^^ Aber ich glaub mir würden die nicht so stehen..
    Trotzdem vll probier ich mal welche aus, hatte bis jetzt noch keine guten von Diamond oder so^^

  4. Those look incredibly dollyhuge and cute on you!The makeup is perfect toooooo.

    if you wouldn't mind, please checkout and follow my blog :)