Montag, 9. Juli 2012

BBQ at Karn's place

Hey gals!
Soooo the weekend is finally over, the last week of university has begun, next week is finally the semester break, yaay!!
Today I had an oral exam in social studies, it was okay and I got my certificate.

The weekend itself was really nice and funny!
On friday we took Shinpei to our place (as always) and on saturday evening then we went together with Rumi to Karn's place in Düsseldorf.
We had some indoor-BBQ, watched some J-Rock DVDs and had a nice chat until 1 AM.
It's always great, just hanging around with friends!

Anyways, here are the photos:

Shitty instagram pic with my dear xD ♥

In the tram~

My new shoes for 13 euro from Jumex!
Soooo comfy!! 

Nope, didn't wear any lenses that day!
It should be comfy~

The three of us!
(lol for my face.)

Ultra slutty chick-pic! xDD; 

Yey, "Party" at Karn's! 
With lots of beer... 

Shinpei and Rumi.
I did Shinpei's hairstyle - cute ne? |3

Me with "Berliner Weiße" - becoming one of my favourite beers, yey! >3< 

Outfit-pic from 2 in the morning at the train station..
My hair is a mess and I'm tired but you can see the whole outfit! Haha.
Leopard jumper from Tally Weijl. 

And last but not least I'll end with a very, very sexy photo from Aiji and me!
Oh my god, we are so damn beautiful...

Me gustav. 


  1. Ich werd immer komisch angeguckt, wenn ich sag, ich mag Berliner Weiße. Ich fühle mich nicht mehr so einsam in meiner Getränkewahl |D

  2. wow Grillen mit Freunden gemütlich zu Hause ist schön^^ Toll dass ihr so viel Spaß hattet :3 Sieht nach einem spaßigen Tag aus^^ Und ich mag den Jumpsuit<3

  3. haha XXDDD ihr seid so cool XD
    habt sogar beide den Jumper angehabt XD Twin-Outfit ^o^
    ... hab mir den Jumper übrigends auch gerade gekauft *lol*
    viel Spaß noch XD
    bye bye ^^

  4. Ich kenn 'Berliner Weiße' auch nicht, aber das sieht mit der grünen Farbe auch bisschen suspicious aus? XD

    btw good luck ♥

  5. Ich trinke Berliner Weiße seit ich klein bin x'D - Endlich mal wer

  6. As I promised! :D

    Sounds like a super nice and amusing evening/night.
    Most of my friends (even if they like j-rock) won't watch concert DVDs with me together... D:
    Gnaah. ... anyway. xD

    I nor heard neither saw such a beer. Green. My first impression of it isn't that bad, though. xD

    Anything to add? I love your eye make up and I think if I'd say anything about this last awesome photo you have to turn your weblog 18+ q: