Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Japantag 日本デー 2013

Hey everybody! ヾ(。・ェ・)

Here's the promised Japantag ("Japan day") post!
The Japantag is a big cultural (and pop-cultural) event which takes place every May in Düsseldorf at the Rhine promenades. Maaany people gather to watch a programme, look at vending and crafting stalls or just.. to watch people, especially cosplayers and Japanese fashion enthusiasts.

As a new invented tradition Ari visits us every year now! Haha. ♥ This time she brought cute Sayu with her and both arrived on friday (of course Shinpei came too).
The next day also my mum came to us and went with us to Düsseldorf! ヾ(*・∀・)/

My original plan was to wear my Adekan Shiro cosplay again...
But guess what? Right, it was fucking cold and rainy that day! So I just switched to my kogal outfit actually being happy to dress up properly again (I'm usually too lazy during uni-time).

So here's my look for that day:

I wasn't 100% satisfied with my make that day but whatever~
As you may not see, I really used circle lense... haha. These are the Barbie puffy three tone grey, which are exactly my original eye colour! ヽ(゚ロ゚;)
(And I need new extens.. mine are like.. nearly three years old now? And really thin.)

Have some in-train-pics here:

With my bby Aiji. ♥ 
She looked soo cool that day..!

With my little Aiji... haha.

And pics from my lovely companions~ 

Shinpei. ♥

Aiji and Masa. ♥

Aiji and Louise. ♥

Aiji's cute style! 

..little Aiji being utterly cute! (//∇//)

And Liang being cute....! ♥ haha.

Also, a small doll-meet took place.. but we nearly knew no one so we were very shy...
Eventhough everyone was pretty nice we left early and didn't manage to take any pics, sadly..

Well, but we had much fun although it rained sometimes... but until like 7 PM it was quite warm so it was okay.. but then we literally froze our asses of so we went home again and didn't stay until the fireworks.. sadly.

But I met a lot nice people! Also a girl who liked my hair and style.. she seemed to be a very very cute beginenr gyaru with an awesome style taste and I was so happy to see that. ♥
(So if you're reading that.. write me! (ΦωΦ))

Here are some pics with others~ 

Our whole 'group': Aiji, Shinpei, Ari, Sayu and me! ♥

Group pic by Aiji with the dollies as well.
(The cardigan makes me look like a fatty-chan! (; ̄Д ̄))

With Ari~ ♥
(Stolen from Ari's fb... ehehe.)

...So that was my picture heay post about a quite nice Japantag. Stay tuned...!



  1. Du sahst aber hübsch aus *v* Aw was für tolle Bilder^^

  2. Ich glaub ich bin einmal auf der Wiese an euch vorbeigerannt Oo
    Sehr hübsche Fotos!!^^

  3. Amazing pics, amazing hair..Everything's looks Amazing!!
    The Dragonclaw bracelet that Liang is wearing, I have it as well. It was the same one that once belonged to Gackt.

    I wore the bracelet in my previous posts here.
    Check it out if you love silver accessories! ;)

    P.S You guys are awesome!

  4. Super Bilder! ^^ Sieht nach einer Menge Spaß aus! ^___^
    Schade, das es später am Nachmittag anfing zu regnen, aber man lies sich den Spaß den Tag nicht nehmen, ne?

  5. awwws ihr saht wie immer toll aus...ich bin so traurig das ich nicht hin konnte ;____;
    hoffentlich sehn wir uns bald wieder <3

  6. haha ich glaub ich war das beginner-gal was dich angesprochen hatte haha :DD hab gerade dein foto bei google gesehen und hab dich erkannt ~(-^.^-)~
    du sahst wirklich toll aus in dem kogal outfit <33