Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Adekan Manga and Shiro Yoshiwara Test-Shooting

Hey again... ♥

So here's the promised second post for today.
...Since I got myself a long weekend we decided to head out together with Rumi and do a small photo shoot at the "Landschaftspark" here because the weather was starting to become really nice again.

In two weeks there's taking place one of my favourite convention again: The Dokomi in Düsseldorf!
I'm pretty excited about it and one of my planned cosplays will be a new one (the other is Kuu again).
It's Shiro Yoshiwara from the more and more popular manga 'Adekan' by Tsukiji Nao.
I simply loooove his character! He's mysterious, cheeky, elegant and somewhat cute but also a little arrogant and creepy sometimes. A 16-years old umbrella maker with a dark background...
The manga's not really Shounen-Ai but has a touch of it now and then, has a lot of humor, crime cases and simply stunning artwork. ♥
I can just recommend to everyone who hasn't read it yet! (In Germany it's also available in book stores.)

Here are some impressions of the character Shiro:

Yeah, right, a black haired boy again.. somehow.. I'm destinied to cosplay boys with black hair? lol
I don't really know..
Well, cosplayers here aren't that rare anymore, but what you mostly see are a few extravagant cosplays like from the outfit in the fourth picture - but rarely anyone pays attention to his/her face, impression and wig.. it seems like if you have a great outfit, everything else doesn't count. Well..
I'm not a really good crafter so I'm not gonna do what everyone else does.. you'll see. :3'

Anyways I wanted to practice posing and stuff so we did a small test shoot in a very improvised outfit consisting of my yukata and a self made hakama..
But here are the results: 

What do you think? :3
I hope with the final result I can catch the atmosphere of the manga and the character eventhough I'm not the best and elitest cosplayer...



  1. The photos are beautiful!
    I don't know the manga but from the pictures I saw now you really, really got a grip of that atmosphere. Wow. ♥

  2. Ich kenn den Manga zwar nicht aber es sieht richtig schön aus ♥ Tolles Cos ♥
    Hübsche ♥ :)

  3. Ich hab deine Bilder schon bei tumbr geliked, sdie sind einfach so toll(^^)
    ich liebe es, wie du die schminke gemacht hast und das Outfit sieht sooo toll aus^^
    Schwarzhaarige Jungs zu cosplayen is echt toll, ich vermiss es irgendwie auch wieder ein Kerl zu sein XDD
    Die Inspos aus dem letzten Post sind auch echt toll :3 Ich hab mich nun dazu entschlossen doch nochmal auf die Sonnenbank zu gehen, will einfach n bisschen Teint und seh keine andere Möglichkeit^^;

  4. Ich kenne den Manga auch nicht, aber ich finde dich wunderschön und du siehst einfach mega toll aus *__* <3

  5. I don't know the story but you're pulling off the cosplay very well! I do like it pretty much.

  6. Du schaust wirklich hübsch aus und dein Augenmakeup gefällt mir echt gut, hast du davon noch ein close up?