Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Update about recent things - Ora try, Hair, Kabuki, Nails..

Hey gals!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently...
But now I'm gonna do a big one! Be prepared.

Uni is really stressing me out lately... But also some nice things happend!
For example we went to the Kabuki Rock Style party last weekend, with a lot of friends and it was sooo much fun~
..But there is only one pic of me which is kind of.. okay.
I was too damn drunk. lol

With Maa-tan ♥
(But whaaat happened to my noose? XDD; )

After the party we wanted to take the train at 2 AM... but it didn't show up.
Without a reason!
So Aiji talked us into getting free taxi coupons from Wuppertal to Düsseldorf!! That was one awesome thing!!

I also did my nails again the week before.
I needed a whole damn day. LOL
I'm not a pro, but here it is:

Here is what I used: Emmi-Nail pro set! ^^

Firstly glueing the tips on and getting them in the shape you want..

Then, gel and colour on top!

Then glueing the decoden onto your nails!

And finish with a new coat of gel~

Both of my hands!

I'm proud of myself!! >3<

The next project was dying my hair before Kabuki...
Which was a total mess!!
First it was too light and then it got an ugly reddish  brownsomething! D8
After dying them the third time it finally worked out! Gosh I was so depressed..

My hair before... xD

The bleaching I used - perfect!!

The colour which turned out even lighter then the bleaching.. >>
I can't recommend it!

After bleaching - I love how it doesn't turn out yellow at all! ♥

But after using the blonde dye... It was all yellow and too light!! >__>

...and this happend after a NORMAL blond tone!!
It was awful!! Dx

After that I used vinegar but it didn't work out pretty good.. lol
And it was disgusting. XD
So the day after that accident I bought new dye - a light ashblond, nearly silver.
And it became the perfect colour! *O*
It was matching so wonderful with my extensions again! 

But I won't go through that torture again! xD;
I'm glad my hair is still alive...

Last thing I want to show you today are some new photos I took!
I'm really pretty much into the real Ora Ora style atm... so here you go!
What do you think?

I feel really confident with this "bad girl" style~
I hate the fact that nearly everyone thinks that you have to be cute and stuff to be gyaru...
But I don't think so. You can also be tough ^^

Okay, before I'm off now, here are two pictures of how Baby sleeps every night at the moment. x3 

(lol I censored myself nicely xDD)

I love her so much ♥♥ 

On saturday there'll be a gal meet up in Düsseldorf!
Kiyaah, so excited!! *__*
Until then,


  1. Das Endergebnis deiner Haare kann sich ja doch sehen lassen! Und deine Nägel erst recht !!!
    Und mit Ora Ora kann ich momentan zwar nicht viel anfangen (wenn ich so die Soul Sister durchgucke zum Beispiel....) aber jedem das seine und deine kleine Ora Ora Fotostrecke ist klasse geworden! You look fucking cool ^o^

  2. So pretty <3 I love your hair colour! ^^
    Nice nails! :3

  3. blödes handy hat meinen comment net gepostet? ;_;

    also ich find eher dass grade das süße an gyaru voll ausstirbt X'D oraora, rokku, kuronbo und kAwiesiealleheißen sind ja voll im trend zzt xD

    und die eine farbe da kannste eh in die tonne kloppen! ich wurde auch einfach nur gelb damit -.-

    die nägel sehen btw super schön aus ♥

  4. Oh goooooooooott, das Foto von uns xD Neben dir seh ich aus wie 'n Schreckgespenst. So... farblos! O_O FU LIGHTING XD

  5. Schöner Entry. Ich habe ASSBLOND gelesen /'D ?!

  6. I looove your nails! They look freaking awesome!