Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Gal-Meet Up Düsseldorf 5.5.2012 ♥

Hey gals!

Now I'm a bit faster with my updates, haha! ( ̄▽ ̄;)/
As you maybe know we, my darlings and me, went to a gyaru meet in Düsseldorf last saturday.
At first we were really sceptical because it was raining hard all morning and also through lunch time..
But we went anyway.
And  it was totally worth it!

The only bad thing about it was that there had been some quarrels with a member of my gyaru-sa and that's why I left Velvet that saturday.. but well. Things happen.

I got to know so many awesome, cute and nice gals! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Originally we only wanted to stay a bit because of the weather.. but it ended beeing staying there for more than 4 hours and it was worth it.
First we went to the OCS to look for new magazines and to take puris (I didn't take any), after that we went through the japanese supermarkets and to the bakery for food.
A bubble tea store was the last stop.

Here are some pics!

The whole group (nearly.)

Momoko, Mona, me, Shinpei and one of the Twinz

With lovely Alina ♥
(These three photos are taken by the Twinz!)

My eye make~

Shinpei and me! ^3^

My ora outfit that day~

Random shot by Aiji which I think is awesome~ xD

My princess and me ♥♥

Group photo by Laura and Alina. :3~

Alina and me taken by Laura!

by Laura and Alina

Chilling in front of the supermarket~ XD
(by Laura and Alina)

LOL Rito! xD 
(by Laura and Arina) 

Shortly before we went home we met Sui because Aiji bought a La Pafait dress from her~
She was a little sad because we left the circle (Sui is also in it!) but said she wants to meet us soon. ^^
I'm happy - she is so nice and stunning!

Sooo that's it for now!
Next up is the LM.C tour - aaaaaaaaah!!


  1. Aww,so lovely!!
    Wish we could have some gyaru meeting here,too!!

    btw,I'm holding a giveaway event if anyone wants to join.

  2. ich beneide dich für dein talent augen zu schminken, ehrlich XD sehr hübsch :)
    aber mal was anderes.. du hast so ein verdammt hübsches gesicht - warum malst du dir die augenbrauen nur auf? mit echten fänd ichs viel hübscher!

    1. Dankeeee :3~

      Naja, gibt ein paar einfache Gründe... xD
      Es kam ja erst einmal 'damals' durch's cosplayn.
      Und dann fand ich es so gut, dass es sich etabliert hat.
      Die Sache ist, wenn die wachsen würden, wären sie fast schwarz... und ich hab ein Haarwuchs wie ein Mann, das wäre also quasi beinahe eine Monobraue und ich kann einfach keine Augenbrauen zupfen und hab da auch keine Lust drauf. xD;
      Zudem find ich dunkle Augenbrauen mit blonden Haaren echt hässlich, das heißt ich müsste sie auch noch färben. Xx
      Also, wenn ich das Geld hätte mir sie immer zupfen und färben zu lassen, würd ich sie mir wieder wachsen lassen xD;

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