Dienstag, 2. April 2013

[Convention] Leipziger Buchmesse 2013 - Sunday

Hey again everyone.

Posting took me longer than expected; I had to finish my term paper first.
But now I'm free for the rest of the week until university lectures start again.
So today I'm going to post about the second day of the bookfair in Leipzig...! :3

That day wasn't as hectic as the first day but still very crowded and busy.
We met again a lot of people and took a lot of photos!
Fortunately we arrived a little earlier that day and had even more time for looking through the halls and taking photos and stuff.
I wore my Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist cosplay again for like the fourth time? But I really really love it and feel so damn comfortable with that character! Hehe.

So not much talking, here are some pics! ♥
(First me as Rin and Shinpei as Shiemi - best Shiemi in the world. ♥♥)

Favourite pic. ♥

Well... xD

Other people (with and without me):

"Dang, you're a handsome man, bro" XD

My beautiful baby together with Waltraud, whom we got that day. x3 

Goof, Senja and Rumi! ♥

FahrSindram aka Loki at her artists box.
The best Loki ever - I bet you already know her. xD
(That person's so hyper she wouldn't hold still for a sec while being asked for a pic.)

And here are some impressions from the fair:

See you next time!

Awesome Ari-style group pic.
Bye Bye, Leipzig! 



  1. awww was für ein schöner Post und dein Cosplay sieht soooo gut aus *_*

  2. awwww *__* du siehst in dem cosplay einfach mega süß aus!!

  3. Ich liebe dein Cosplay. o_o
    Ernsthaft. Seitdem ich euch 3 (Aiji auch als Yukio) gesehen habe, will ich den Anime schauen/den Manga lesen...
    (bin immer noch nicht zu gekommen... aber trotzdem!!!)
    Ich hoffe, dass ich nächstes Jahr auch ENDLICH mal wieder dabei sein kann... ; ;