Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Night out in Oberhausen (Kabuki)~

Hey gals!
Lately I'm in a great blogging mood! :3''
So I'm gonna get on your nerves with some more posts!

Last saturday we went partying again finally! I love dancing and clubs so much~
(But mostly not the people inside clubs. lol)
So it was J-Rock & K-Pop party-time again. If you love such music and live in Germany or are on a visit here, you should definitly come to a "Kabuki Rock Style" party!! (Next event is here.)

This time it was at the "Kulttempel" in Oberhausen.
It's a great venue in an old storage house with thick brick walls, a high roof and painted church-like windows!
The dancefloor was a bit small but the drinks were cheap and nice.

So last week I got some black highlight clip-ins for my extensions (Aiji bought them for me ♥), because I wanted a hair-change.. But I always want to stay blonde so that's why it's a little difficult, haha.

Together with Shinpei we got ready on saturday, everyone being a bit slow because we're all pretty damn sick at the moment. Dx
That's also why I didn't drink that much this time..

Anyways, here's my look for that night!

My make~ (my chin looks fat. lol) 

And my outfit!
Onepiece by DreamV 
Zebra tights from Primark
Shoes bought from Eemil (ex. Pin)
Necklace from groucho
(oh, and I wore hotpants which you can't see here.)

On our way in the tram we met a nice girl called Kristine who lives near us!
Aiji and me were very, very surprised! 
So because she went there on her own we deciced to stick together. Hehe~ 

Shinpei and Aiji. ♥ 

Aiji wore an outfit inspired by Haru from DOG in the PWO that day.
I really love her and her outfits, no matter if boy-ish or girl-ish!! ♥♥ 
Because what makes her confindent makes her beautiful


Love Love Love ♥ 

It was the first time after many Kabukis that we stayed until the end.
Time flew by and we had much fun although I could barely breathe (lol) and some of the J-Rock stuff was just.. undanceable noises. 

Some club pics~ 

Well, tomorrow I gotta help at university, the welcoming-days for the new students are there.
Our Japanese institute will do an information (and fun) day for all newbies.
I'm pretty excited!
Next week the real shit aka. lectures start again. I kind of look forward to that. lol 


  1. "Undanceable noises", klingt nach Diru XDD Du sahst echt toll aus und ich mag auch Aijis Outfit voll^^ Ich hab auch wieder Lust zu sowas hinzugehen, weiß gar nicht mehr wann ich das letzte mal dort war..ich glaube damals hieß das noch irgendwie anders..(oo);
    Sieht jedenfalls nach viel Spaß aus^^
    Bis bald :*

  2. Soooo tolle Outfits ~ ich liebe das onepiece *~* Und Aijijiji sah auch so genial aus xx <3 ~ Uhhhh, ich muss da auch unbedingt mal hin. Spätestens nach meinem 18. ist es dann endlich mal so weit (_^_)/ Ist ja nicht mehr lange hin ...

  3. Du und Aiji seht total süß aus zusammen *-* <3333 ihr seid süß~